Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 4.0.2

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 4.0.2: Find and remove duplicate files with Auslogics Duplicate File Finder deleting duplicate files. Apart from using up hard disk space, having too many duplicate files can make your computer run slower. Deleting them will help you speed up disk defragmentation, Windows search, and anti-virus scans. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a nifty free utility that will help you get rid of useless duplicates and reclaim up to 50% of free hard disk space. It will ask you for duplicate files search criteria - you can match files

FastProxySwitch 3.5.2: A compact and efficient tool for proxy server management and secure web surfing.
FastProxySwitch 3.5.2

FastProxySwitch is a compact application which resides in your system tray and enables you to change active proxy settings on the go in just a couple of mouse clicks. The program automatically reads your proxy settings for all existing connections the first time you start it. Not only does FastProxySwitch facilitate networking tasks, it also protects your anonymity by purging IE history, deleting temporary Internet files, cookies and cache.

internet, anonymity, anonymous, surfing, settings, switching, intranet, server, proxy Hard Drive Washer 6.00: Tool to delete unnecessary files (temporary data) from your computer easily! Hard Drive Washer 6.00

Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce temporary data. Unfortunately there are not many programs that really take care about consequences of saving temporary files to different places, with different extensions or without always deleting when possible or necessary. Hard Drive Washer does what all these programs forget. It searches for these unnecessary files and offers you to delete them.

tmp folder, exceptions, disk, files, installed, trail, paths, logfiles, temporary, unnecessary, washer, drive, speed

G-Zapper 3.2: Block the Google cookie to search anonymously.
G-Zapper 3.2

G-Zapper helps you stay anonymous while searching Google by blocking and deleting the Google cookie. Did you know that Google stores a unique identifier in a cookie on your PC, which allows them to track the keywords you search for? G-Zapper helps you protect your identity by allowing you to view your Google ID, see how long your searches have been tracked, erase your searches, and block the Google search cookie. Easily block Google cookies.

clean cookies, cookie cleaner, block google cookie, clean google cookie, block cookies, cookie blocker, google cookie, gzapper, search history

Delete Duplicate Songs 6.93: Delete Duplicate Songs-How to Delete duplicate songs, Delete Duplicate MP3 Songs
Delete Duplicate Songs 6.93

deleting software. How to delete duplicate songs, how to delete duplicate songs in media player and how to delete duplicate songs from a folder? Delete duplicate songs with a special program designed to delete duplicate songs and delete song duplicates. Duplicate song deleting software is an easy way to delete duplicate songs on computer. Automatically delete duplicate songs in my music, easily delete duplicate songs, how to delete duplicate songs

windows, songs, player, how to delete duplicate song, how to delete duplicate songs, automatically, media, delete duplicate songs, duplicate, delete, delete duplicate song files, duplicate song delete

Polar Zip Light Free 5.0: ActiveX control that adds compression solutions, compatible with PKZIP 2.04g.
Polar Zip Light Free 5.0

deleting and listing files in archives. Polar Zip Light is ideal for individuals, small business and enterprise software developers. It is user-friendly and free, suitable for beginners and professionals. Polar Zip Light is compatible with PKZIP 2.04g file format. Its key features include: 1. Standard Zip and UnZip Actions: creating and deleting zip files, compressing and decompressing entire directories and their contents or a list of directories

com zip component, compression component, activex zip component, decompression, com zip, zipping, compression, net zip, activex zip, zipper, zip component, dll zip, net compression

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Soft191 Cleaner 1.06

Maintain privacy and keep your system running smoother by deleting your computer activity. Remove internet history (IE, Opera and Firefox), recent file lists (including Office), empty out temporary folders to regain disk space. Such files may include those created by internet activity, installation programs or by applications for storing temporary data. After time these files build up, wasting disk space and this can impede disk drive performance

history, junk, wipe, delete, clean, temporary

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